[mythtv-users] SPDIF output works for MythMusic, but not MythTV

Juan Jesús García de Soria Lucena skandalfo at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 01:20:19 UTC 2005

Hi everyone.

> > Has anyone else had a similar problem?  Is anyone else using a cmpci
> > sound device succesfully using spdif output for all parts of myth?
> > The sound quality I get over spdif is obviously much better than the
> > analog connections, but right now I'm stuck using analog for
> > everything in order to avoid having to switch audio inputs when using
> > different parts of myth (because that's too much for the GF to handle
> > ;).

Having an NForce3 chipset, I experienced some problems when playing 5.1 DVD's.

In my case I used analog 5.1 output rather than optical, and ALSA was
forcing "Use Line-In as Surround" to be ON when playing throug the
surround51 "plugin".

I had to edit /usr/share/alsa/cards/NFORCE.conf in order to change

                        hooks.0 {
                                type ctl_elems
                                hook_args [
                                        name "Line-In As Surround"
                                        preserve true
                                        value true
                                        lock true
                                        optional true

To "value off" and things like that, since my mother board has analog
outputs for 5.1 that are independant from Line In / Mic.

Perhaps the configuration of your card is somehow forcing some flag
value (look for "hooks" sections) when you play through your specified


   Juan Jesús.

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