[mythtv-users] Re: Energy Usage of MythBoxes

Rich Hall rich at netlynx.us
Sun Mar 20 18:24:21 UTC 2005

William wrote:
>Your typical 19 inch CRT monitor draws about 500 watts. They draw close to
>1000 watts at startup (mostly due to filiment startup current and the
>degausing coil). Your newer lcd displays draw less than 150 watts so there
>is a huge savings energy wise. BTW your typical television draws about the
>same current as the same size crt monitor. Function wise they are nearly
>identical so you would expect the currents to be about the same too.

Where did you get those numbers from??? I have been in the repair business for 40+
yrs and have measured the power consumption of a lot of equipment.. Really simple to
do.. measure the current and multiply it by the supply voltage = power. A typical
17-19" monito will consume between 100-140 watts.. max.. the surge current does not
matter in the grand scheme of things.. it is a spike of not more than about 1 second
in duration.. totally insignificant. The old 23-25" tube TV's of 30 yrs ago only
consumed 500-750 watts typically.. Your numbers for a 19" monitor are way way off.
Most of the average home desktop computers suck between 65-100 watts and will peak
on boot or heavy drive usage about 25% greater. I have a new dual AMD 3500-64 w/8gb
ram with 6 250 gb SATA drives for a customer and the measured power is just over 210
watts running idle and avgs about 240 watts moving data between drives on burnin.

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