[mythtv-users] Re: Mythtranscode Producing Corrupt Video (Predominantly Green)

colliepon colliepon at webport.veris.org
Sat Mar 19 20:36:17 UTC 2005

Are you sure it's in the recording, and not just in the playback?  

I know there is a fairly common green screen problem with divx 5.x , I don't fully understand what or why, but it's talked about in alot of places. (a search for 'divx green screen' in nearly any search engine will bring this up)  I'm not sure what the problem/solution is in linux, but in w*nd*ws the problem was some of the all in one codec packs (like nimo) of things that didn't belong with one another and caused some conflicts.  And there were several solutions, some working better than others. (mine was to use something called the Tsunami codec pack, which solved it.  Others did various divx 5.11 reinstalls and got it to work but that didnt work for me)

Since many of the linux codec packs are ripped from w*nd*ws I wonder whether this might have something to do with it.  It's possible your recordings are still good and it's just playback that's a problem currently. (perhaps bringing it to someone else with a known good/working divx setup, especially an anime collector - lots of fansub anime is released in latest divx and EVERYONE has had the green screen problem it seems, and usually fixed it)

Or if the recordings are definately recorded as green this might have absolutely nothing to do with it at all, I don't know.  :(    But I would at least try to rule it out.

Hope this helps somehow..


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