[mythtv-users] [mythtv-users] DVB signal quality data not being recorded

Justin Hornsby justin.hornsby2 at ntlworld.com
Sat Mar 19 11:25:00 UTC 2005

Martin Ebourne wrote:

>Well the DVB signal recording doesn't work - it's disabled in the code due
>to threading issues I believe.
>As to debugging your signal strength, you need to use tzap for that. You
>should have a fairly low BER and preferably 0 UNC.
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I'm not 100% sure the dvb drivers for my two cards report the signal 
correctly anyway.  I get a BER of 0 and 0100 UNC constantly despite it 
working properly.  Signal strength goes from FFFF when the antenna is 
unplugged to 0032 with the antenna plugged in (go figure).  My cards are 
those cheap LR6650 things based on the Conexant cx23880.

For the recordings which have been corrupted I've looked in all my logs 
to see if I could find anything pertinent (CPU usage, running out of PCI 
bandwidth or whatever) - nothing has shown up.  I'm hoping it was a 
signal strength issue rather than system related - it's easier for me to 
fix an aerial than track down a weird bus or driver problem.

I might be worrying uneccesarily because it's just two recordings which 
are messed up.  I'd been using it since October without so much as a 
glitch on any recordings until then.  Nothing has changed (apart from 
upgrading to 0.17) as far as I know, so maybe it was just 'one of those 
things'.  BTW I've made plenty of perfect recordings since upgrading.

Thanks, Justin.

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