[mythtv-users] is my processor to blame? (lockups, problems with FF and REW)

Maverick mavantix at gmail.com
Sat Mar 19 06:46:25 UTC 2005

> Maverick wrote:
> > Everyone else seems to only have this problem using PVR-350 TVout.
> I'm using a 350 for tv out. For me the problem was the 2.6.10 kernel. I went
> back to the kernel. With the 2.6.10 kernel, when I do a lot of
> jumping and skipping while watching my recordings, it's guaranteed to lock
> up ivtv with a "failed api call". I don't get lockups at all with the
> kernel. I haven't had a chance to try the 2.6.9 kernel to see if it
> has the same problem.

In my case, 2.4.25?  and 2.6.10 both locked up, but i wasn't getting
any error logs or anything... It would just freeze. Could be that the
api ivtv is looking for in the kernel is changed in 2.6.10.

My current stable box is a KnoppMyth R5A12 (kernel 2.6.9) and ivtv
0.2.0 (rc3h). Works great, though it's all new hardware from my lockup
machine, which I'm sure would still lock up today even though it's not
a VIA chipset.


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