[mythtv-users] DVB EIT/EPG

John Pullan jmp at tarantella.com
Fri Mar 18 15:42:58 UTC 2005

First off, this is experimental code, having said that, it works quite
well for me (freeview in the UK)

On Fri, 2005-03-18 at 14:21 +0000, Stephen Williams wrote:
> I have a system with two DVB-T (uk) receivers which i've just upgraded
> to 0.17 from 0.16. I have a few questions regarding program guide data
> (EPG). I've tried enabing the in-built guide grabber (by uncommenting
> the DVB_USING_EIT setting) but i'm having a few problems.
> Firstly, it only appears to be getting guide data when i'm watching /
> recording and not when the system is idle, is this correct / expected?
Check that you haven't got "on demand" set for your card.

> Secondly, I only appear to be getting guide data for the mux/transport
> i'm tuned to, even though in the UK (Freeview) the guide data for all
> muxes are sent on every mux, is this correct / expected? 

Not quite true, some mux's are better than others for EIT data. mux one
seems to have everything most of the time.

> The result is
> that i'd have to sit there watching a channel for each mux in turn to
> fully update the guide, not ideal!

Taylor was considering doing this auto magically, but it shouldn't be
needed in the UK.

> Previously i've been using tv_grab_dvb with great success to get my
> guide data (the system has no internet connection), is it possible to
> still use this tool until the wrinkles with the internal guide grabber
> have been sorted? ... or have the database changes made current
> versions of tv_grab_dvb unusable?

It should be ok, but you need to switch of the OTA guide setting and
fill in the xmltvid.


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