[mythtv-users] MythTV & pcHDTV

Eric Nichols eric at dirwiz.com
Thu Mar 17 17:16:13 UTC 2005

I've been playing with MythTV and my pcHDTV 2000 card for about 2 weeks now
and want to describe my setup and see if anyone has pointers...

I currently have the frontend/backend split between 2 computers running on a
100Mbit switch.  I can watch live tv and recorded shows.

Playback of the initial recorded show is very jittery and the front end log
shows buffering problems.  I've RTFM'ed and read as many posts I could find. 
I am running a 2ghz machine with nv 5200/256m video card.  Yes all the
switches are turned on for XV and advanced sound buffering.  And yes I have
pulled the frontend cvs and compiled it.  No luck, same problem.

I noticed that the pcHDTV 2000 card initially records MPEG2 @ 1920x1088.  My
goal is to get it to a bit more manageable solution (1280x720 or 852x480) in

Back to my question...
Can I reduce the capture resolution of my pcHDTV card?  I tried changing it
under the pcHDTV transcode/default menu but no luck.  My only success seems to
be the menu for transcoding from MPEG2 -> MPEG4.  All of the transcode menus
seem redundant.  Can someone shed some light on which transcode setting is
used and when?

If anyone has a document or experience in working with the pcHDTV 2000 card
and MythTV I'd love to pick your brain!
Thanks in advance.

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