[mythtv-users] Anyone else having problems ripping new movies?

Andrew Gallatin gallatin at cs.duke.edu
Thu Mar 17 12:57:43 UTC 2005

Andrew Gallatin [gallatin at cs.duke.edu] wrote:
> Peter Valdemar Morch [swp5jhu02 at sneakemail.com] wrote:
> > I can only repeat that it sure sounds to me like a hardware or 
> > DVD-burner-driver problem. But of course what you choose to spend your 
> > time on is up to you. And I might be wrong! :-D
> I think I'll throw $25 at the problem and get cheap player, and
> hope I have more luck with that.

For the archives:

Yep, you were right.  I got a Toshiba branded DVD player, and 
everything seems to work as it should.   Thanks for the advice! 

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