[mythtv-users] Timezone problem with DVB EIT

Teemu Sillanpää Teemu.Sillanpaa at itcasi.com
Wed Mar 16 18:09:13 UTC 2005

Ran ”yum update” and compiled todays cvs, and now my programguide is broken.
I live in +0200 timezone and my programguide is now 2 hours early.
The Qt widget button problem appeared after the “yum update” (this is being
handled in another thread), so could this problem be caused by updated Qt or
some other package which got updated?

I tried to change my timezone through RedHat’s (Fedora’s) setup tool ( to
0000,+0200), but didn’t have any affect, so didn’t changing hwclock (to utc
or localtime, or to tell to the setup program the hwclock is on utc time or
not) or mythtv-setup’s timezone value (auto,none,+0200 or +1000), nothing
seemed to have any affect to the programguide. Annoying problem, which
doesn’t seem to cure using older mythtv built which worked fine couple of
days ago…
Teemu Sillanpää
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