[mythtv-users] Live TV - External Change channels does not work ... recording it does (Resolved)

Simon Kenyon simon at koala.ie
Wed Mar 16 09:15:00 UTC 2005

On Wednesday 16 March 2005 08:13, Steve Christall wrote:
> Found it.
> If you are using an external IR transmitter, (in my case Redremote from
> the UK) to control an external Sky box etc, the channel change code in
> Myth libs/libmythtv/channelbase.cpp has recently been "optimised" which
> in my case resulted in getting stuck on one channel when watching live TV.
> The channel change code now correctly checks for a return code (it use
> to check but always got the calling shells return code, not the actual
> external program) from the external program, and in my case the external
> program (digibox) was returning an error code of 9.  This resulted in
> the channel change code attempting to change back to the last channel it
> was on. (although if there was an error with the external program, it is
> debatable if trying a second time back to the original channel is a good
> solution!?)
> You can see this here where I try to change channel to 102, it does
> this, get a bogus error code of 9 back, tries to change back to the
> original channel of 121, gets the same error code 9 back again and this
> time ignores it.
> If you are recording TV, and not watching it live, it appears to ignore
> the error codes anyway ...... this change appeared in late .16 or early
> .17  Hope this helps someone searching for answers in the future.

digibox could be my version of the redremote software (well, that's what i 
called it). it does not set a return value. just add an


at the end of main()

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