[mythtv-users] xbox, xebian, mplayer, lirc

M.Barnabas Luntzel mark at luntzel.com
Tue Mar 15 17:50:05 UTC 2005

(sorry for the resend, subject got munged)

xebian using software from http://bit.blkbk.com/

I had to use mythtv-xbox.0.4.5-beta.tar.gz since the perl script in the 
latest (stable?) just hangs and dies on me.

got a strange issue with mplayer and lirc. this actually happens in 
mythfrontend or outside of it, so its not myth specific. with lirc=yes 
in ~live/,mplayer/config, mplayer says "cant find config" on init and 
segfaults. if I comment that out or set it to "no", mplayer works fine 
except I have no control over it (not exactly ideal).

note that this is with playing divx files over nfs or locally, and 
using the xbox IR remote dvd thingy.

I cant seem to figure this out. where is mplayer looking for lirc 
configuration that it cant find? everything works fine until I  try to 
play mpeg or divx.

thanks for your help. kinda stumped.

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