[mythtv-users] Problem getting DVB-T card working - Could not find dvb tuning parameters

John Pullan jmp at tarantella.com
Tue Mar 15 10:47:44 UTC 2005

On Sun, 2005-03-13 at 22:40 +0000, Nigel Metheringham wrote:
> I'm working with a new installation of Myth 0.17 on FC3 using the ATRPMs 
> builds and working from Jarod's guides.  The capture card is a *K-World 
> <http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php?title=K-World&action=edit>*V-STREAM 
> Xpert DTV, which appears to be working OK in that the drivers are doing 
> the sort of things expected.
> Like some others have posted, after having gone throught he mythtvsetup 
> I have a whole batch of channels detected (using a set pulled from the 
> UK rt xml, and then a scan of the dvb channels from within mytvsetup).

I'd start back at a know state, and work up from there. So :

clear out your channels.
do the setup scan - This should give you all the channels in the db with
the correct logical channel numbers.
exit setup and make sure that works. (do not run mythfilldb at this

Once that's going, go back and fill in the xmltvids for the channels and
use mythfilldb. (We don't have a merge feature yet unfortunately) ( Or
just use the built in EIT DVB stuff, which does work in the UK, not sure
if this option is built into the rpms you're using though)

> However after having done this, when starting mythbackend I get log 
> messages of the form:-
>   DVB#0 DVB SI Table Parser Started
>   DVB#0 Using DVB card 0, with frontend KWorld/VStream XPert DVB-T.
>   DVB#0 DVB Signal Monitor Starting
>   DVB#0 ERROR - Could not find dvb tuning parameters for transport 0
>   DVB#0 ERROR - Failed to get channel options for channel 3.
> Trying to switch to live TV in the front end gives a blank screen for 15 
> seconds.  The backend meanwhile logs
>   DVB#0 ERROR - No PIDS set, please correct your channel setup.
>   DVB#0 WARNING - No data from card in 1 second.
> The database has tables but no entries for dvb_channels and dvb_uids 
> although the dvb_multiplex table is filled.
These are not used in 0.17. It's stuff that we wanted to remove but

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