[mythtv-users] What's easier to convert/decode? 720p or 1080i?

Art Morales bioart at gmail.com
Mon Mar 14 18:28:22 UTC 2005

hi All,

I have a Samsung DLP tv that displays natively at 720p.  I have set up
X to display at that resolution using DVI and it looks quite good. 
When I watch 720p source material, it looks pretty good, but it gets
choppier when I try to watch 1080i material.  (Presumably because of

Would it be better to send the signal as 1080i and have the machine
convert 720p to 1080i? The TV can convert from 1080i to 720p
automatigally, so if it saves CPU power, it may be the way to go...

Any ideas?



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