My wife is going to blow a gasket... (was Re: [mythtv-users] PVR-350 (hard) lockups, Fixed!)

Maverick mavantix at
Mon Mar 14 05:18:55 UTC 2005

> > I'm still somewhat undecided about how I like the 350 out. It's nice,
> > but it has it's quirks... Of course, it's the only hardware decoding
> > option, so... I want to try out the nVidia out of my mobo, just
> > haven't had the time to set it up and research the XvMC stuff I know
> > nothing about.
> Interesting thoughts.
> Lets you easily watch "non-PVR-x50" MPEGs, but you need a beefier
> CPU, and a decent video card, correct?

Well the hardware you spec'd will handle standard def over an nVidia
tvout. My understanding is it's HD content that really needs the
pricier CPU's.


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