[mythtv-users] Broadcast problems?

Scott Matheson smatheson at mac.com
Sun Mar 13 20:49:43 UTC 2005

Yup- strange. In my situations, the AC3 currently goes from my cable 
STB (coax) to the surround processor. In both cases, It sees all six 
channels, but the wrong audio is on the channels so it's either the 
cable co, the local affiliate or the network. An incorrectly set 
routing switcher or an un-flipped switch or a bcast master with audio 
on the wrong channels... who knows... someone should be checking in the 
various control rooms, though.

> I mean the only reason you would be able to get background and no
> dialog is if the program is coming in ac-3 and the center channel is
> missing, either strangely at the station or at your end.


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