[mythtv-users] Recycled PC as a frontend- disapointment?

J. Scott jscott at oddpost.com
Sun Mar 13 06:01:38 UTC 2005

I just installed knoppmyth on an old PC that I'm not using any more, with the intention of using it as a second frontend on my existing mythtv setup. 
My preliminary results are very disapointing. When I play back prior recordings, the video is choppy, at maybe 10 to 15 frames per second. The recordings are made in mpeg4 at 352 x 352 resolution. I even tried turning off deinterlacing, but performance didn't improve. 
Is there something else I should try, or am I just expecting too much from this old machine? 
Note that before deleting windoze from the machine, I played a fairly high resolution divx file on windows media player. It played almost perfectly, with just an occasional hiccup on fast motion scenes. This gives me the impression that the machine has sufficient power... 
The machine's specifics: 
HP Pavillion 4550z 
   Celeron 466 
   128mb Ram 
   10 Gb Hard Drive 
   Onboard video (no TV output set up yet) 
   10/100 Ethernet hardwired 
Running MythTV 0.16 on both the front and backends. 
Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong, or how I might be able to improve performance? 
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