[mythtv-users] New System Hardware Recommendations

John M. Luker jonedangerousli at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 12 18:24:39 UTC 2005

>Pointing a new member to the correct place to research and find
>answers to simple questions that are asked on a daily if not weekly
>basis isnt dumb.  Yes your questions were dumb, but not Davids nice
>reply.  Get the stick outta yer ass and youll realize that. So here it
>is in baby words:  SEARCH THE ARCHIVES.
That is absolutely correct, other than the "stick outta yer ass" part (I 
checked, there is no stick there, but thanks for reminding Me to check).

Here's how a person with merely average social skills would accomplish that:

Dear <insert name here>:

Welcome to the MythTv mailing list. Many new members ask exactly the 
same question that you did. There is an abundance of information to be 
gleaned from the archives, which you can access at <insert url here>. I 
hope you have a pleasant experience and if you have any questions that 
aren't answered in the archives please feel free to post it here. Good luck!

<insert your name here>

Another option would be to ask the list owner to include a link to the 
archives in the initial confirmation email that all new members receive 
reminding them where the archives are. I'll send  an email to the list 
owner suggesting that.

Again, thanks for your insight, and for consuming additional resources.


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