[mythtv-users] Newbie - Help!

chris olson chriso at oleshome.com
Sat Mar 12 18:19:21 UTC 2005

Hi all,


Please forgive me if these are dumb questions...  I'm a total newbie
with linux so I'm really struggling.  I've loaded mythtv using the
Knoppix distro.  I appear to have a good install but seem to have hit
some roadblocks.  Here are some of the problems I'm seeing:  First and
foremost, when I select live TV I get a black screen.  I am getting
channel listings.  Often when I escape out of an area, I get a message
stating the backend isn't running - is the ip correct?  I have no idea
why the backend wouldn't be running.  I basically have a default install
at this point so probably I'm missing many things - frankly I don't
know.  I don't appear to be able to play vcds or listen to music cds
either.  If I put a cd or vcd into my cd drive it doesn't seem like Myth
sees it at all.  Therefore I can't import either.  Not sure what to do
at this point.  My video is a Rage 128 and my capture card is  Leadtek
Winfast TV 2000Xp Expert.  I haven't even begun to try working with the
remote at this point but judging from my experience so far I'll have
issues there too although I read that this card will work.  Any and all
help is greatly appreciated!



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