[mythtv-users] DCT-6200 and KnoppMyth

Robert Karaffa rkaraff at emory.edu
Sat Mar 12 14:05:45 UTC 2005

hi folks,
	i've got my KnoppMyth backend working very well (latest KnoppMyth 
alpha).  My PVR-250 works as expected, and I've got my DCT-6200 plugged 
into the PVR-250 via S-video so that I can see channels higher than 
#125.  So far, so good.

-I've connected the DCT-6200 to my backend via firewire, and the 
backend sees the firewire device, all is well to that point.
-the backend allows me to configure the DCT-6200 as an Input Connection 
in mythtv-setup.  it looks like this:
[FIREWIRE Port: 0, Node: 0] (MPEG2TS) -> sTv TV
(*note:  sTv TV is my video source from zap2it)

I'm not sure what "Port" and "Node" mean...how do I configure those?

So far, I've played around with this but not been able to see any 
picture from the device using the firewire connection.  I've been 
looking in the backend for the 6200 channel-changing scripts but 
haven't found them yet (I thought they were included in the 0.17 
release of Myth (and subsequently in the latest alpha of KnoppMyth), 
but I could be wrong).

haven't found a "How-To" for this scenario, yet I've seen some folks 
report that they're using their DCT-6200 as a Video source.

am searching all known sources of info for MythTV, haven't found a 
clear answer or description (and I haven't bothered Jared yet, 

any help would be most appreciated!

-Bob K.

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