[mythtv-users] possible new HD front end in small package?

David George david at thegeorges.us
Sat Mar 12 02:14:28 UTC 2005

On 03/11/2005 04:59 PM, Andrew Close wrote:

>any idea if this new via DP-310 could handle HDTV as a front end?
A lot of work is currently going on at the unichrome project to support 
the CN400.  Ivor sent a message earlier on the unichrome list that he 
had 1920x1080 working on the CN400 (at 95% CPU though).  This was with a 
C3 1GHz (I think).

Actual Via link: 

>dual 1GHz Eden-N processors on board as well as an integrated
>UniChrome Pro graphics processor with 2D/3D graphics engine, hardware
>digital video acceleration, and Chromotion CE video display engine,
>including hardware MPEG-2/-4 acceleration and advanced video rendering
>and display technology
>has one PCI slot and DVI and VGA out
Actually the production board doesn't have DVI.  The web site doesn't 
mention any TV out like on the SP.  Let's hope if there is TV out that 
it will use the VT1625 HDTV encoder and not the VT1623 TV encoder (like 
on the SP).

>looks pretty sweet
The other notable thing is this is a dual processor *Eden* CPU, this 
means no fans on the CPUs (7watts at 1GHz)!  And the Eden-N is based on 
the C3 Nehemiah core.

I'm still going with the Commell LV-667T though, need component output 
(even though it is single CPU).  

HDTV capable frontend I am working on (now with a picture)

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