[mythtv-users] How I got great quality TV-out on my nVidia MX4000

Will Dormann wd at pobox.com
Sat Mar 12 01:01:30 UTC 2005

Jeroen Brosens wrote:
> I received my GF MX4000 today and managed to get it working... except for
> vsync :) Can anybody tell me the one thing I probably forgot to do here,
> as you can see in this log (mythfrontend -v playback) the nVidia vsync
> method is not used (nVidiaVideoSync: VBlank ioctl did not work,
> unimplemented in this driver? - Oh I am using the 6629 version btw):

Did you compile MythTV with OpenGL support?   You need to manually 
enable this, at least in the tarball version.

nVidiaVideoSync is for the old nvidia drivers...   (4363)
I'm not sure about the DRM method, if there's any way to get that 
working with an nvidia card.

But nowhere in the log is an attempt to use GL Vsync.  Make sure that's 
enabled for your mythtv build.


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