[mythtv-users] Great quality TV-out on a PVR-350?

Brian May brian at unearthed.org
Fri Mar 11 20:28:43 UTC 2005

mythtv at pdebrabander.nl wrote:
> I've just setup my mythbox to a great quality tv-output.
> So.. Yes.. it is possible to get a perfect image outof the PVR350.
> What distro are you using ??
> If you are using Fedora i can support you with help.

I agree.. my PVR350 output to tv is super clean with the svideo output.

>>I don't really use Myth to watch live TV (haven't tackled the whole
>>digital cable interaction yet), but my recordings are commonly rather
>>dark and red when played back over my tv-out.  It's not the recordings,
>>as they look find when I view them on a monitor.

I think this issue is related to the cables to the TV..  I had the same
thing happening from a portable DVD player to the TV..  the cable to the
TV was loose and made the TV dark and a blood red tinge to it..
securing the cable made it work perfectly.  Same symptoms.. hopefully
the same answer?

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