[mythtv-users] OT - Codec for NEXUS DVB MPEG

Derek Conniffe derek at rivertower.ie
Thu Mar 10 13:50:38 UTC 2005

I'd say this is only a small bit off topic - its not a MythTV issue.

When I record programmes on a Nexus-S DVB card they play perfectly 
through the PVR350 output - so it looks like the PVR likes the MPEG2 (?) 
that the Nexus-S provides.

But I cannot play the files through Windows Media Player and MythWeb 
(using MythTV filters and myth:// URLs in MythWeb) - Windows Media 
player complains about no codec to play back the files with.  Recordings 
make with the PVR350 play back perfectly in Media Player so it looks 
like there is a difference in the file formats from each card.

Does anyone know of a Codec for Windows that will playback Nexus-S DVB 
MPEG files?




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