[mythtv-users] MythTV in my spam

Simon Kenyon simon at koala.ie
Wed Mar 9 11:43:54 UTC 2005

On Wednesday 09 March 2005 04:26, Jay Goldberg wrote:
> Hi folks
> Here's a good one, a little off-topic perhaps.  Tonight, I got a spam
> for a mortgage broker with the following junk text in it, designed to
> throw off statistical filters (mine caught the spam):
>    In general, people are using MythTV to watch analog TV. But when HD
>    becomes the standard, MythTV's development may face stagnation. As
> analog becomes an obsolete format, MythTV will also become obsolete. People
> can build their own analog TVs, but they won't be able to build their own
> HDTVs. And thus there's no chance an upstart young innovator like Richards
> will ever create a bigger, badder, cooler PVR for HDTV the way he did with
> MythTV for analog.
> Having missed it earlier this week on the list, this spam turned me on to
> the SF Guardian article about the broadcast flag!

here in europe they have finally agreed on what HDTV standards are going to be 
adopted. Sky TV (the major satellite broadcaster in the UK and Ireland) has 
stated that their boxes will only have HDMI (with  HDCP protection) output 
for HD. what will i/we do with myth then?

this is not a troll - i want to understand the situation because i spend 
rather a lot on money/time on mythtv

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