[mythtv-users] Playback Problems (X, ALSA, Nvidia???)

Smith, Matthew W1 matthew.w1.smith at lmco.com
Tue Mar 8 20:56:56 UTC 2005

I have just upgraded from Mythtv ver0.15 on Mandrake9.1 to MythTv
ver0.17 on Gentoo (kernel 2.6)

Everything went smooth during the install (using xorg-x11, ratpoison,
nvidia (geforce 4400), alsa (c-Media driver), ivtv 0.2.0rc3 for pvr250)

My upgrade consisted of installing new OS, installing Myth, moving old
LVM partition with recordings, and expanding LVM partition with more
space.(add disk)

Everything went fine until ....

1) Playback of old recordings was initially OK.  Then I was playing
around with some options and extended LVM partition to new drive.  Then
I tried recording a new show.  During and After which the playback is
choppy (almost like dropping frames and audio) not only for new
recording, but for old ones as well.  Not sure what I did to mess it up
like this (like I said - initially it played old recording perfect -
even time shifting!). 

I tested some other things out to isolate the problem.  The recording
that are recorded to disk are OK if I play them back on a Windows
machine that maps the samba share!  Also, I tired playing MP3s.  Within
X, mplayer has the same studder problem.  But, outside of X, mplayer
works perfect!

Still hard to tell what is causing the problem.  Anyone seen anything
like this?  Could it be a problem with my audio/video drivers?  Could it
be a problem with my LVM partition (DMA access)?  I have ruled out the
pvr250 - since it's recording play fine on other machines!

2) mythbackend init script supplied my gentoo emerge does not work.
Everytime I execute "/etc/init.d/mythbackend start" it say "can not open
database" in the logs.  However, if I start "mythbackend" at the command
prompt - it works fine?  Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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