[mythtv-users] Success with Air2PCI and pvr-500 on same box

Hamish Moffatt hamish at cloud.net.au
Tue Mar 8 12:58:31 UTC 2005

On Wed, Feb 23, 2005 at 10:38:03AM -0500, Jean Connelly wrote:
> > I don't think those commands work with the linux-dvb stuff.  I haven't
> > found one that does work or I would let you know.
> Do you mean the "cat" portion?
> azap and dvbtune seem to work from that dvb-apps collection.
> I was under the impression that the whole point of using dvb drivers
> was that it simplified the interfaces nicely so that direct reading of
> streams was possible from the dvr devices. I also figured that mythtv

Yes, that's right. You can just read data from the dvr0 device.
You must always specify -r to azap else the dvr0 device is not enabled.

If you get nothing, check that the PIDs are correct in your

While azap is running, can you 'dvbscan -c' to get channel information?

Hamish Moffatt VK3SB <hamish at debian.org> <hamish at cloud.net.au>

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