[mythtv-users] Note on Hauppauge S-Video adapter

Maverick mavantix at gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 09:47:16 UTC 2005

I tried using that adaptor to make the svideo output -> rca (I know
there's an RCA out already there) and the colors where funky. I don't
know what that adaptor is for if it's not for the svideo input on the
card itself.


On Mon, 7 Mar 2005 01:54:18 -0800 (PST), John Kondis <jkondis at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I don't know about others' experiences, but I tried to
> use the composite-to-s-video adapter that came with my
> Hauppauge 350 and the result was ugly.  The colors
> were all messed up big time.  Interestingly, the
> degree to which the colors were fubar'ed depended on
> which channel I was tuned to!
> For reference, I was using the adapter because my
> Motorola digital cable box does not have S-video out,
> only composite or coax (channel 3 modulated).  I found
> out that the video quality of the Hauppauge was better
> if it took video straight from the S-video input as
> opposed to using the tuner at channel 3.  (I was
> getting small but noticeable echoes using the tuner.)
> So, I coughed up $21.99+tax at the local Radio Shack
> and got their little s-video to composite adapter
> (which works both ways supposedly), added an extra
> s-video cable (because the adapter has only female
> connectors) and it worked great!  The video quality is
> now improved as was hoped.  So it seems the Radio
> Shack adapter is of better quality than the adapter
> that shipped with the Hauppauge 350.
> Just thought others might want to know.
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