[mythtv-users] Are there advantages to using a Hauppauge 350 for MPG-2 display on a monitor?

Joe Votour joevph at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 8 05:21:22 UTC 2005

No TV out on the PVR-250 - it's TV in.  Only the
PVR-350 has TV-out (as far as I know, the PVR-150 and
the PVR-500 also do not have TV-out, but I have not
used either of them, so I can't be 100% certain).

The PVR-350 cannot connect to a VGA monitor (if that
is what you are referring to), it can only do S-Video
or composite out.  The picture on a PVR-350 is pretty
much perfect when watching MPEG-2 streams, but
anything else has to go through a framebuffer, which
will really tax your CPU (it is software decoding at
that point).  Also, the PVR-350 does have some issues
with the framebuffer, sometimes the screen will just
blank (or, at least it did last time I used it).

-- Joe

--- John Turnbull <stuff4_john at yahoo.ca> wrote:

> I hope that this is not a double post, as I tried
> sending this before I
> registered, so sorry to all if it is, but I am
> interested in the
> answers. Thank you.
> ---
> I am considering buying either a Hauppauge PVR 250
> or 350, but I am a
> little confused regarding the differences.
> Am I correct:
> Both do hardware compression with a MPEG-2 encoder
> so that recording a
> show uses very little CPU resources.
> Only the PVR 350 does hardware MPEG-2 decoding so
> that existing MPEG-2
> files on your computer, from any source, can be
> played back through the
> TV out to a TV set while using little CPU resources.
> (Oh yes, the 350 has an FM tuner, but I do not care.
> . .)
> My real problem is that I do not have a TV but have
> a large investment
> in large, very good glass monitors and plan to watch
> TV on these. I
> expect that I would tend to burn DVDs if I wanted to
> save recorded
> shows, but I might - vary occasionally - pump a
> recoded show out to an
> existing VCR.
> Now the PVR-250 does have TV out, but not hardware
> decompression. Would
> software decompressing be fast enough to record to a
> VCR on a PIII duel
> processor at 700MHz with 512 MB memory - assuming
> that the machine was
> doing nothing else?
> Does the PVR-350 offer any advantage with Hardware
> decoding when
> displaying on the Computer Monitor.
> If the PVR-250 is OK, should I be considering the
> PVR-150s.
> The specifications in the Hauppauge page is not
> clear on these points.
> Thank you.  John T
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> John Turnbull <stuff4_john at yahoo.ca>
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