[mythtv-users] DV Recording via IEEE-1394 Firewire with MythTV

Ian Forde ian at duckland.org
Sun Mar 6 00:08:26 UTC 2005

On Sat, 2005-03-05 at 18:30 -0500, Rich Shumaker wrote:
> So the corner is nice this time of year.
> Wallpaper peeling and paint chipping that kind of thing.
> Okay so neither of you guys said go away in those words.  You just 
> didn't answer my question and told me to use something else besides MythTV.
> I personally felt that not answering my question and telling me that 
> MythTV isn't the right tool is the same as being told to go away.  It 
> was a question, still unanswered.

My advice?  Here's what happened to get firewire supported in myth.

1. A number of people were interested in it, some promising to test to
write something up.
2. Time passed by.
3. I decided it would be nice for me to be able to do firewire HDTV
recording (since I live in an apartment, I can't put in a 6' HD
antenna), so I posted to the mythtv lists about steps I was planning to
take to get it to a point where it would possibly be feasible.  Things
didn't go very well.
4. I went over to avsforum and tried to get test captures working
outside of myth.
5. I corresponded with the good folks over on the linux1394 list.
6. I learned that libiec61883 is the future of firewire capture on
Linux, but it hadn't been released yet.
7. I volunteered to be a tester for said library, reporting bugs back to
the main developer for the library.  Dan Dennedy get all of the credit
8. After libiec61883 was in a good place for me (read that is in:
working), I posted back to the 1394 and mythtv lists
9. I received an email from someone stating that they would take a stab
at writing firewire capture based on the libiec61883 test code.  Jim
Westfall gets all of the credit here.
10. I, along with possible others, tested the patch to myth
11. Jim submits the patch to myth and it gets accepted.
12. Everybody's happy.

By the same token, the big DVB patch that went in a while back was a
massive, planned *collaboration*.

Moral of the story?  Get it working in Linux, figure out how different
it is from existing methods, then attempt a groundswell in the

> Can or does MythTV record DV via the newly supported IEEE-1394(firewire) 
> port?  I know IEEE-1394 was added for cable boxes.  But in none of the 
> posts did anyone say anything about that.  Or say "NO" it does not 
> record DV.  Since the original intention of the IEEE-1394 port was DV 
> footage transfer and it is the oldest use for this port I thought the 
> question had some merit.  The IEEE-1394 port has expanded over time to 
> be used for a ton of stuff including hi end cameras, hi end audio 
> boards, even networking and now Cable boxes.
> I understand that MythTV does not have IEEE-1394 protocols built in to 
> turn the cam on or off or do anything else with the camcorders 
> transport.  MythTV works thru scheduling.  And in this respect it is 
> difficult to use for anything except recording TV.  I would still like 
> to record 2 DV streams at the same time into a server.  If MythTV could 
> record DV then it would be the quickest and easiest solution for me to 
> do that.

Remember that this is a developer-focused project, so pitching in will
go a *LONG* way.

> So I guess a different question that may get a better response is, Does 
> MythTV have a plug in to record video from Camcorders via DV?  Or an 
> editing plug in?

You're several steps away from that.

> I think one of the major things that MythTV is missing is editing(not 
> just file truncation).
> Again that is my opinion.  Obviously you guys don't share it.


> I am not a programmer.  So that is why this is a question being asked on 
> the users forum.  Not the dev forum.  I will go check out the linux 
> packages that exist for editing and see if they have the ability to do 
> what I need.  Also see if they could be a potential plug in for MythTV.

I'm not a programmer either.  I'm a SysAdmin. ;)

> I would still appreciate an answer about recording DV footage via the 
> IEEE-1394 port.

1. Record DV footage in Linux via command line
2. Get it working with libiec61883 or some other standard linux firewire

At this point, it may be possible to integrate it as a tuner type into

As far as editing goes, that's an entirely different story.  Or maybe
not.  Once you've got video into myth, you can cut with the commercial
editor, but as far as full editing goes, that's probably suited to a
full-blown plugin.  (Which, now that I think about it, would be pretty

Just the view from my foxhole...


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