[mythtv-users] DV Recording via IEEE-1394 Firewire with MythTV

Rich Shumaker MythTV at RichShumaker.com
Sat Mar 5 23:30:07 UTC 2005

So the corner is nice this time of year.
Wallpaper peeling and paint chipping that kind of thing.

Okay so neither of you guys said go away in those words.  You just 
didn't answer my question and told me to use something else besides MythTV.
I personally felt that not answering my question and telling me that 
MythTV isn't the right tool is the same as being told to go away.  It 
was a question, still unanswered.

Can or does MythTV record DV via the newly supported IEEE-1394(firewire) 
port?  I know IEEE-1394 was added for cable boxes.  But in none of the 
posts did anyone say anything about that.  Or say "NO" it does not 
record DV.  Since the original intention of the IEEE-1394 port was DV 
footage transfer and it is the oldest use for this port I thought the 
question had some merit.  The IEEE-1394 port has expanded over time to 
be used for a ton of stuff including hi end cameras, hi end audio 
boards, even networking and now Cable boxes.

I understand that MythTV does not have IEEE-1394 protocols built in to 
turn the cam on or off or do anything else with the camcorders 
transport.  MythTV works thru scheduling.  And in this respect it is 
difficult to use for anything except recording TV.  I would still like 
to record 2 DV streams at the same time into a server.  If MythTV could 
record DV then it would be the quickest and easiest solution for me to 
do that.

So I guess a different question that may get a better response is, Does 
MythTV have a plug in to record video from Camcorders via DV?  Or an 
editing plug in?

I think one of the major things that MythTV is missing is editing(not 
just file truncation).
Again that is my opinion.  Obviously you guys don't share it.

I am not a programmer.  So that is why this is a question being asked on 
the users forum.  Not the dev forum.  I will go check out the linux 
packages that exist for editing and see if they have the ability to do 
what I need.  Also see if they could be a potential plug in for MythTV.

I would still appreciate an answer about recording DV footage via the 
IEEE-1394 port.

Rich Shumaker

Cecil Watson wrote:
> Rich Shumaker wrote:
>> Man.  I seem to get spanked for this question everywhere.
>> So two places I post up this basic question considering Myth just got 
>> IEEE-1394(firewire) support and in both places I get the same negative 
>> response.
>> "MythTV isn't for DV. Go away.  Use something else."
> I don't think I said go away...  I was just suggesting the right tool 
> for the right job.  As was the person that replied to this.
>> Wasn't Myth originally designed as a convergence box.
> Yes.
>> Aren't home movies and camcorder dumping for family movies a thing a 
>> "convergence" box would do?
> I don't think many folks think of a convergence box as something to edit 
> your home movies on...
>> Allowing you to create a DVD from your fun filled adventures in 
>> wonderland.
>> I know how to dump to the MythTV system via SVid and RCA audio.  But 
>> IEEE-1394 is a simple plug for both audio and video.  Also the quality 
>> remains the same, digital to digital.  It would be cool to dump from 
>> tape into Myth and let Myth do the rest.  Like transcode to Mpeg-2. 
>> Allow you to create a DVD.  Watch your fun filled adventures on 
>> multiple TV's around the house.
>> Oh and for people that like to experiment it would be cool to record 
>> multiple video streams in DV onto a single server for a front end 
>> editor to use.  Or for a front end viewer to look at.
>> I was going to ask if MythTV might include a video editor in the 
>> future.  Besides basic truncation of the file.  I think I should not 
>> ask it anymore considering how "well" this question was received.
> Perhaps it may, if one of the developers chooses to included that 
> feature.  Again, right tool for the right job.
>> So who wants to slap me next for asking a question that seems to make 
>> sense in the modern age.  I think I will just go to the corner for a 
>> while and think about the world.
> With an attitude like this, who knows...
>> So I can use MythTV to watch and record tv, listen to music, look at 
>> images, make DVD's, play games, watch and listen to streaming video 
>> and music, get news, check the weather, make phone calls, and play 
>> games BUT don't think about viewing DV or possibly editing it cuz that 
>> would be CRAZY talk.
>> Rich Shumaker
>> Byron Miller wrote:
>>> MythTV isn't for DV if you mean from a DV source such as a camcorder
>>> or other video format other than tv sources..  there are tons of great
>>> applications for linux to use with camcorder & video editing.
>>> -byron
>>> On Sat, 05 Mar 2005 15:04:07 -0500, Rich Shumaker
>>> <MythTV at richshumaker.com> wrote:
>>>> Can MythTV record DV files using the IEEE-1394 port?
>>>> Would they be in NUV files and would they need to be transcoded?
>>>> If they are in NUV files is there a transcoder to DV?
>>>> Thanks
>>>> Rich Shumaker
> Regards,
> Cecil
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