[mythtv-users] Commercial Skip

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Sat Mar 5 10:34:47 UTC 2005

> > How about a configurable feature for Commercial flagging that will not 
> > save any 'supposed' commercials over xx minutes. I have been having good 
> > luck with commercial flagging lately but there is an occasional 
> > commercial that is flagged and is over 5 or 6 minutes and is bogus. I 
> > think most of my commercials are only a few minutes long so ignoring 
> > ones longer than that would cut out some bad commercial flagging.
> Along similar lines, I've had a "commercial break" that was 0:00 long.
> It ended up getting itself into a rather tight loop of skip 0:00
> (actually went backwards a bit), play, see 0:00 break, skip, repeat.  So
> another nice add would be a minimum commercial break length.

The ALL commercial detection method should prevent commercial breaks less
than 60 seconds (1 minute) and more than 485 seconds (1 minute 5 seonds) long.

The other detection methods may still have cases where this can occur,
I haven't spent as much time on them lately.  I made a note to check them
sometime, but if you're not using the ALL method, you should try it out
since that is where the majority of detection effort is being put now.



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