[mythtv-users] Commercial cutting & DVD burning

David myth at dgreaves.com
Sat Mar 5 08:51:05 UTC 2005

It's a doddle to do if you have a PVR350

I have about 60+ DVDs of Farscape, Stargate, Buffy, Films etc etc
All have proper DVD menus, no commercials, proper printed covers
All done 100% in linux
Mostly by my non-linuxy wife (who now enjoys linux and gimp)

* record using DVD profile on PVRx50
* move the nuv file to your editing space
* use avidemux (2.36, not 2.38) to index and cut out commercials (5 mins)
* optionally use avidemux to save screenshots (press 'j') (1 min - 20 
mins depending on fussiness)
* save as mpeg (A+V) into show.VOB (5 mins)
* use qdvdauthor to create menu (5 mins)
* save as VIDEO_TS (10 mins)
* burn to DVD (15 mins)
* optionally use gimp to create cover (hours and hours if you get fancy!!)


John Williams wrote:

>The answer to this is, you didn't find it in the archives because it
>doesn't exist. The copy to Windows is about the best answer I'v run
>across, and I agree too much work so I haven't done it. The next
>answer you'll get is the devs don't burn shows so they won't code it
>because they don't want it. You'll also get and this one rightly so If
>it is too much trouble for you to copy to a windows box and burn then
>it is way too much trouble for someone else to code this for you.
>I'm just repeating most of the things you'll hear based on old posts.
>I'd like this to be easy, but it seems the editing is not an easy task
>to keep sound in sync. The last few days have had a few good step by
>steps, but they are still pretty drawn out. I'm waiting for a while to
>get a DL burner until I have time to work on this particular problem
>myself or someone else comes up with a good answer.
>Sorry, but I think you are out of luck,
>John Williams
>On Fri, 04 Mar 2005 14:19:42 -0800, Praveen Shenoy <pshenoy2 at comcast.net> wrote:
>>After spending a few hours digging thru the archives on this topic, I
>>still didn't find any discussion that had concise steps to cutting
>>commercials and burning dvd. I am sure people out there are doing this.
>>I have a PVR-350 and I want to burn the movies I record to a dvd after
>>cutting the commercials.  I don't want to lose any quality. I want the
>>resulting mpeg after cutting the commercials to be still mpeg-2 and not
>>mpeg-4. I can copy the file to windows and use pinnacle studio or
>>something like that to dtect scenes and then edit out the commercials,
>>but that is too much work and takes time. I don't much time to spare on
>>this given that we have a 1 year old who keeps us busy and then work
>>too. I would appreciate if anybody out there is already doing this and
>>share a mini-howto of cutting commercials out of the mpeg2 files output
>>by the pvr-350 and then burning them to a dvd.
>>Thanks in advance
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