[mythtv-users] DirectTV and Changing Channels on the Front End.

hondaman hondaman at hardcs.com
Sat Mar 5 01:01:06 UTC 2005

Ok.  Been fighting with this whole setup for a while now, and im making 
progress.  The problem I cant overcome now is how do I change the 
channel for Direct TV?

My setup:

Backend computer running fc3, pvr-250, and a serial-to-rj12 cable from 
the DTV reciever (data port) to the serial port on the backend..

Front end computer using irman and the new grey/black pvr-250 remote.

What do I need to do to change the channels?  Is there some kind of 
special program I need?  Some extra configuration?  Plug the data port 
on the reciever into my front end?  I dont know what to do.  Thanks 
again for all your help!

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