[mythtv-users] working out kinks in MythTV box plan

Henrik Nielsen henrik at boggie.dk
Fri Mar 4 13:11:05 UTC 2005

problemss at adelphia.net wrote:

>what i am planning for my MythTv box is a Via EPIA MII 10000 and a PVR-350.  what i want to know is what capabilities will that give me?  can i only record the show i am currently watching, or can i record a show and watch a different one at the same time?  will i need another card to do the later?  any help would be appreciated.
Sorry for the double post, forgot to answer all your questions :)

A single tunercard will allow your mythbox to "see" a single channel at 
a time. This means, you can record one channel at a time, or watch one 
livetv channel at a time, but not record a channel and watch livetv 
though the mythbox at the same time. You can however still change the 
channel on your tv and watch it "live" :)

While the mythbox is recording the single channel, you can of course 
still watch a recording. This recording can be the one still being 
recorded, allowing for chaseplay/timeskip. Since the pvr150/250/350/500 
cards all have hardware encoding, recording takes near to none cpu, so 
there are plenty of juice to do chaseplay on the epiaboard, even without 
hardware playback.

The PVR-500 has dual tuners, and is very interesting for single slot 
users. I do not know the current status of the ivtv support, but the 
last I heard was sort of picture, no sound. When this card is supported, 
my pvr 250 is going to get replaced :) I am sure though, that two tuners 
will not make me watch more livetv on the mythbox, but it is just so 
much cooler :) If the support is close, perhaps the 500 would be an 
alternative to 150 and 350 for your box?


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