[mythtv-users] is my processor to blame? (lockups, problems with FF and REW)

Aaron Aguilar aaronaguilar at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 03:40:49 UTC 2005

> If you can move the sound card to another IRQ in your BIOS setup and
> see if that solves your problem. Heck, share it with some other device
> instead of your PVR-250. If it fixes the ff/rew lockups, please let me
> know! :)

Well I moved my PVR 250 so it doesn't share an IRQ with anything else.
 That didn't fix the problem unfortunately.  I'm still having the
freezing issue on FF and REW.  Also my system seems to be crashing
more frequently for some strange reason.  I am thinking maybe it's
FC3, but am hesitant to reinstall yet again lol.  Anyways, any more
ideas and I'd appreciate the input :)


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