[mythtv-users] parts list

Bryce mythtv at menolly.net
Wed Mar 2 19:56:08 UTC 2005

On Wed, March 2, 2005 1:47 pm, Brad Templeton said:
>> with for my parts list:
>> Video: leadtek geforce 6600 pci-e $109
>> Case: Coolermaster ATC-620-BX1:   $80
>> CPU: Intel P4 630 LGA 775         $245
>> Mainboard: gigabyte GA-8I915G-MF  $95
>> Memory: 2 x 512 DDR PC-3200       $46.51 ($93)
>> Capture: HD-3000                  $179
>> HD: Maxtor 160GB                  $40 AR
>> PSU: Unknown yet                  $60?
> Probably more CPU than you need (it's your most expensive part).
> Of course it never hurts to have more CPU, but it does generate more
> heat, and heat == noise.

Yeah, I thought long and hard about it too. I don't like paying that much
for a CPU but the new 600 series of P4s have the Speedstep Technology so
it should run cooler than a 500 series P4 when it's not under heavy load
(most of the time I assume.)

> Also more memory than you strictly need, but you're getting a very good
> price for pc3200 512s.

Absolutely. :)

> Probably less disk than you need.   You can only get so many disks in
> a box (not just because of slots, but because of power supply and
> controllers) so I am loathe to buy below 200gb these days, even though
> it is slightly more expensive than the 160gb "sweet spot".

Yeah, I can put up to 3 drives in that case which will certainly be enough
for me until I build a backend and put it in the basement.

> Consider looking for 5400 rpm drive instead of 7200 if you can get a
> good price.   Less power, less heat, less noise, in theory more
> reliable.

Okay, I'll consider that for my next drives. I got this one cheap on the
recent Office Depot Maxtor rebate.

Thanks Brad,

Bryce T. Pier

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