[mythtv-users] Announcing TVWish Beta -- A super wishlist for Myth

Brad Templeton brad+myth at templetons.com
Tue Mar 1 22:59:45 UTC 2005

On Tue, Mar 01, 2005 at 04:41:32PM -0500, Isaac Richards wrote:
> > If you want to amalgamate data from other users, I am not sure how to
> > efficiently do that with a server running on your own machine.  You could
> > have people just upload anonymized data to an open server which simply
> > gathers the raw data, and then the user's own machine sucks it down and
> > analyses it to generate suggestions.  That seems to involve a lot of
> > data flow, or am I missing your goal.
> When I meant my machine, I meant mythtv.org - if there's going to be CF done 
> in myth, I just want to make sure it's done right (ie., open, anon as I can 
> make it, etc).

Ah.  Well, if I had gotten around to coding it it was going to go to my
own machine for similar reasons.  :-)   Maintaining this would be
a moderate chunk of work, surprised you want more on the plate.

Generally, the approach I would take is to encourage people to install
"tor", a software package we are sponsoring which provides anonymous
internet traffic.   It's also possible that somebody semi-trusted could
run a semi-open TOR proxy for people who don't want to install TOR
themselves.   If the user runs TOR, it should be close to impossible for
the receiving site to learn the IP of the sender.  With the semi-open
proxy (by which I mean open but only for myth data sending) it would
be possible for that site to look at the data going through, but if
you encrypted the data for the target, it could be secure without their
collusion.    This is a bit messy, so it may also make sense to say
"install tor if you want privacy, otherwise you can't be sure of it."

Tor is available in the apt-tree for debian, and I think for other distros.

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