[mythtv-users] Removing Parts of Myth

Thom Paine painethom at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 21:06:53 UTC 2005

> If you want to speed your machine up a bit without reinstalling your
> OS, the top few suggestions I would make are:
> 1) If you have a software-only TV card, get a PVR-X50

I have a 350 and a 250. 350 is doing the TVOut.

> 2) If you don't have a decent graphics card, spend $70 and get a GeForce FX5200

> 3) Disable GNOME/KDE and use a lightweight windowmanager like fluxbox,
> fvwm, etc.

I'd like to explore this option. I'm currently using gnome, but had
heard that fluxbox was faster for something like this. I'll look into
it more.

> 4) Disable any non-essential services in your startup scripts

Already tweaked.

> 5) Close any ports that don't need to be open in your inetd.conf/xinetd.conf

None open except ssh.

> 6) Check system stats with 'cat /proc/meminfo', sar, iostat, vmstat -
> react accordingly. If you're RAM limited, add ram. If you're spending
> lots of system time waiting for your disk, get a faster disk and/or
> balance disk I/O across multiple spindles

Ram is good. at 1G. Hard drives are ata 133 with the 133 cable on them.

> 7) ensure that your IDE drives are using dma (google for dma linux hdparm)

HDparm has been tweaked as well. 

> 8) use a simple theme in MythTV and disable cpu-intensive options like
> transparency and other OSD options.

Running GANT and I put al the options on CPU low that I could find.


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