[mythtv-users] RE: V0.17 LiveTV Jerky - POSSIBLE FIX

Matt Vollmar matt at vollmars.com
Tue Mar 1 20:26:33 UTC 2005

ebike at paradise.net.nz wrote:

>>I have a similar problem, which I was just able to fix. I was given
>>some clues from an earlier thread about Time Stretching. Balaji Ramani
>>told me to recompile (or download his RPMs) WITHOUT opengl_vsync. I did
>>this and it works perfectly. Not sure what is broken in .17, but it has
>>something to do with the opengl_vsync. I suppose it might be the new
>>NVidia drivers too, but I thought I installed those before I upgraded to
>>.17. This is definitely worth a try.
>Thanks Matt,
>Can you explain how to compile without opengl_vsync ??
Sure.  If you have Mandrake (and presumable FC3), you can download the 
SOURCE RPMs.  Source RPMs for Mandrake are found here:  
http://rpm.nyvalls.se/10.1/SRPMS/ .  If you are compiling from CVS or 
tar balls, read the README.  I like RPMs to make it easy to uninstall 
and track versions.

Disclaimer:  I am not an RPM expert, nor a MythTV expert.  If this 
breaks your box, I will try to help, but newbies compiling RPMs and 
installing them is not a good combination.

You only really need the mythtv-(nvidia-)0.17-3 RPM, as the rest doesn't 
really need changes (I don't think).  Then, you will do the following:

1)  rpm -i <mythtv RPM source file>
2)  cd /usr/src/RPM/SPECS  (this is where the compile instruction file 
is located)
3)  vi mythtv.spec
4)  Look for a line that says:  #set default build options .  Below 
this, you will find options to set.  I turned on xvmcnvidia (set to 1) 
and turned off opengl_vsync (set to 0).  If you don't really understand 
what this means, I might not do this if I were you.  Maybe ask Balaji 
for a copy of his RPMs for Mandrake.  Search the list for "Time Stretching".
5)  Write and exit vi
6)  Type "rpmbuild -bb mythtv.spec".  You will wait 30-90 minutes for 
the compile to complete.  At the end you will see a bunch of lines 
(hopefully) that will say "Wrote <path-to-RPM>".  If you get errors, 
read them.  Many times there are dependencies when compiling from 
source.  I had several I had to install the first time.
7)  cd /usr/src/RPM/RPMS/i586; ls
8)  You should see a bunch of rpms.  You will need to install these over 
the top of your current RPMs.  You can do that by typing "rpm -ivh 
--replacefiles --replacepkgs <rpmfile>"
9)  You will probably want the backend and frontend stopped before you 
do this.
10) If all hell breaks loose, uninstall all the RPMs and re-install the 
originals.  Ask for more help from the list.

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