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Lee, Jeong JLee at spokanecounty.org
Tue Mar 1 19:11:03 UTC 2005

I've had good luck with Foxconn motherboards.  Currently, I'm using their K8S760MG-6LRS which uses the SIS760+964 chipset.  I added an GF4 FX5200 video card and PVR-250 to round things out.  The board was like $75 when I purchased and so far it has worked great w/ my Athlon64 2800+.  I've also built a couple of other AMD64 systems for other people using Foxconn boards and so far no issues.  If you want a higher end MicroATX board try their new Nforce4 board, the NF4K8MC-RS which includes PCI-E slots.  It's going for $84 at NewEgg right now and for the money that will be hard to beat.  Expect basic accessories.

I am running FC3 x86-64 w/ Myth .17 right now.  I had been running .16 flawlessly for a few months before I upgraded.  Ran into a few issues after upgrading but was able to fix things so it seems stable at the moment.  There are additional difficulties with setting up MythTV on w/ x86-64, but in the long run I think it's worth it.

Good luck,

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Hello all,
I've been reading the list archives for a while and planning to build a
mythtv box for at least 1.5 years. I finally got an HD TV this weekend and
am ready to start pulling hardware together.

I picked up an HD-3000 and a maxtor 160 gb drive for dirk-cheap. Now on to
the other parts. :)

I'm planning on using the Cooler Master 620 case but I'm having a hard
time fnding a good mainboard. It seems higher-end mirco-atx mainboards are
hard to find. I'd like to do PCI-Express for the video card (probably a
Geforce 6600) and I really want a SPDIF out (unless it really isn't
needed). I perfer to stick with AMD CPUs and preferably an AMD64. Can
anyone recommend such a beast? Several searches on Newegg turned up almost

Bryce T. Pier
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