[mythtv-users] Really simple - how do I get to program guide?

sean darcy seandarcy at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 1 00:59:40 UTC 2005

Using 0.17. Followed  the guides in setting it up.  mythbackend seems to 
work. mythfilldatabase exited without an error. mythsetup shows the channels 
I chose on zapit.

But when I run mythfrontend -> Watch TV  all I get is a black screen.  I was 
expecting the EPG. mythbackend.log asks "Signal level too low?"   Well, 
maybe, but I don't see how to set or change  the channels. I've tried 
keyboard M  and the other keys.  Nothing.

Only odd thing that may be a clue - in mythfrontend->System Status->Listings 
Status where it shows the last mythfilldatabase guide update it has:

Result: myfilldatabase ran, but did n...

an error message that should win a prize!


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