[mythtv-users] Installation issue - Couldn't find package Synaptic

Steve Dorsey steve at dorseygraphics.com
Tue Mar 1 00:32:52 UTC 2005


   I am running my machine with a NATted 10. static IP. My machine can 
see the internet, I can ping IPs, and I can surf the web. Running 
Redhat FC3.

   I had to download "atrpms-kickstart-25-1.rhfc3.at.i386.rpm" and 
install it manually because I thought the server may have been down at 
the location in Jarod's guide. Anyway, I typed "apt-get install 
synaptic" and was greeted with "Couldn't find package synaptic".

   I have no idea what this means.

   Any ideas here? I just started the guide, so I could re-install Linux 
if I need to but would rather not.



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