[mythtv-users] ASUS Pundit choice

Etienne SANDRE etienne.sandre at polytechnique.org
Thu Jun 30 17:46:38 UTC 2005

What about the Pundit PH3 ?
It has a newer intel chipset (i915), and a PCI-Express slot .

Anyone tried it?

And, another question, which pundit has RCA SPDIF output? Which one has 
Toslink Optical out?



Nick wrote:

>On 6/23/05, Mark Knecht <markknecht at gmail.com> wrote:
>>I have 4 of the Pundit-R's using the ATI chipset. They are working
>>nicely for SDTV. I send via S-Video but composite works fine also. I
>>don't know about those specific resolutions so I won't comment on that
>>but picture quality is about as good as my cable system provides.
>>The audio chip in the Pundit-R is the standard ATI sound chip. It
>>works fine in stereo. I haven't tried the optical output yet.
>>Unfortunately it's on the front of the box so it's a bit messy for
>>tying into the stereo.
>I'd vouch for the Pundit-R too, the only downside (now that ATI have
>finally fixed the TV-Out support) is the placement of the SPDIF on the
>front of the machine behind a concealing door. I've modded mine to
>make it quieter (default was just too noisy for my ears, even with a
>slow Celeron.) If this is for a non-HDTV frontend, you may find using
>a non-D Celeron (which has a lower thermal rating) will make the
>machine less noisy.
>The SPDIF is fine (no probs at all with mine connected to an A/V
>receiver) and as Mark suggests above, the TV-Out quality is fine,
>although far from as vibrant as that of the PVR-350 output. Also note
>that the ATI drivers for the video card do not support 3D acceleration
>which might be an issue for you (the open source drivers do though).
>Finally, make sure the one serial port will not be a hinderance - I
>soldered my IR receiver and transmitter together to around that
>problem) but my system works fine with a DVB card and a PVR-350
>capture card.
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