[mythtv-users] Unstable system FC3 XFS

Thom Paine painethom at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 17:03:24 UTC 2005

I've been googling the archives looking for hints on why my newly
rebuilt system seems so unstable.

My hardware is:

P4 2.8
Intel 845 Mainboard
1G DDR Ram
160G IDE Hard Drive

1 PVR-350
1 PVR-250
1 Hauppauge DVB-S version 2.1 (not hooked to my FTA sat yet)

The system is a combination frontend / backend system and I've rebuilt
it several times now, trying to get it to run stable. I have a 12G /
partition which is ext3, 1G swap, 100M /boot, and the rest is /video
running XFS. I've read that XFS is b0rked with 4k stacks as opposed to
the old 8k default. I use the PVR-350 output to hook up to the TV.

Should I try setting this 8k blocks for XFS or should I reload and
just use EXT3? What else is everyone doing for their systems?

I'm considering putting in an Xbox for a front end, and leaving this
machine as a master backend only. Any other suggestions?


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