[mythtv-users] Overwhelmed

PAUL WILLIAMSON pwilliamson at mandtbank.com
Thu Jun 30 13:30:35 UTC 2005

>>> gad at jetcom.org 06/30/05 9:16 AM >>>

>>> What does the myth TV box need to contain to do
>>> 720 P and 1080i?  Do I need a DVD player or is that
>>> covered by MythTV?  How does mythtv hook in?
>> You need a decent processor (2ghz will give you some
>> room to grow) and a DVD drive.  MythTV hooks
>> in to the TV with a good video card.  I like the
>> nvidia 5200/5700 fanless card.  It does the job
>> pretty good.
>You will need a 3 ghz class proc to process HDTV in software.  
>Since the hardware decoding is spotty, you will want a 
>processor that will allow you to use this option

D'oh!  That's what I meant - 3ghz.  Although 
I have heard you might be able to get away 
with something as low as 2.4ghz.


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