[mythtv-users] Overwhelmed

Chris Lopeman lopemanc at swbell.net
Thu Jun 30 02:09:45 UTC 2005

Hi All,

This may not be the right list to send to.  But I figure the people here
are fiddling are at a pretty detail level, so they probably know more
than most.  Also I am interested in incorporating Myth TV, and this is
definitely the place to talk about that.

So I am definitely out of date with the home theater technology.  I am
trying to learn quickly but I am feeling overwhelmed.  Sales people have
been useless and misleading.  So here I am.  I just want to put together
a fairly low-end home theater.  I have already picked my television and
it is on order, Toshiba 62" DLP 62hm94.  Besides that the only things I
have are a sony 300 carousel and my PS2.
I am planning on a DVD player and an HDTV antenna.  I know a lot of
people recommend cable or satellite.  But I just don't want the expense
or even that much TV.  We have plenty of VHS tapes so I will probably
add a VCR or transfer them to DVD.  And of course mythTV to, mainly to
get the HD recorder.  Speakers and receiver are my biggest point of
confusion.  I want good sound but don't need to be on the super
high-end.  I have looked at the Onkyo 777 and like the speakers a lot.
So I am 90% sold on their speakers.  But that is where the confusion
really kicks in.

I can't envision how all this is gonna fit together.  So I can't pick
which Onkyo to buy?  And this continues to the other components.  The TV
has a tuner built in.  So do I route the antenna to the TV?  Does that
take up the only hdmi input?

What does the myth TV box need to contain to do 720 P and 1080i?  Do I
need a DVD player or is that covered by MythTV?  How does mythtv hook in?

Well just throw out what you think will work.  I know I asked few direct
questions.  But it is just symptomatic of my confusion.



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