[mythtv-users] IRBlaster w/ Dish receivers

Patrick Vaughan patrick_a_vaughan at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 30 01:53:42 UTC 2005

I've looked at MythTV before, but for one reason or another never set it up. 
  So, I'm looking at it again.  My goal is to demo MythTV using an old 
motherboard I have laying around, and if it does everything I need, replace 
my Tivo (maybe with a backend slave/frontend for a second room).

Anyway, the last time I looked it didn't seem possible (or at least not 
documented) to control a Dish 301 (in room 2 with the Tivo) or a Dish DVR 
508 (my initial target, and almost useless as a DVR).  How difficult is it 
to control the Dish DVR 508 with MythTV, and is it documented anywhere?  
And, what are my options for using a remote with MythTV while using an 
IRBlaster to control the Dish receiver.

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