[mythtv-users] Haupauge PVR 150

PAUL WILLIAMSON pwilliamson at mandtbank.com
Wed Jun 29 20:23:40 UTC 2005

>>> "Paul Furtado" <paulyman091 at gmail.com> 06/29/05 4:03 PM >>>


> I went into the mythtv frontend and i hit watch tv and i was greeted
> by a black screen. I tried pressing Esc and it would not exit. I was
> forced to restart. 

Who forced you?  Someone holding a gun to your head?  Or 
frustration?  Also, make sure in the setup you have you recording 
profiles set to 720x480.  The 150 won't work with anything else.

Give it time.  Or, post the messages that mythfrontend was spitting 
out.  There are always logs or at least some messages.  I had this 
a few times, but got it corrected with the at-bleeding drivers 
from atrpms.net.

> Upon restart i ran setup again and it did not detect Video0 so i 
>exited then started ivtv and then ran setup again

Yep, seen that one before.  Ran modprobe ivtv a few times 
before it took for some reason.

> and it detected video0 but it apparently found 2tv tuners 
> 2svideo ports and 3 composite ports and i only have 1 
> tuner, 1svideo, 1 composite. Heres my ivtv log

Actually, while you only have 1 card, you have lots more 
than you'd think.  You probably only have 1 tuner, but you'll 
get 4 of each of the other inputs (at least I do on my 150 and 
3 250s').

All that stuff looks good.

> Thanks for any help in advance,
> Paul

Are you able to depmod -a then modprobe ivtv?
What does lspci -v report?  
Can you cat /dev/video0 > /tmp/test.mpg?
If so, you're close.  If you can't we'll help you 
to the point where you can, and then some.


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