[mythtv-users] Ticker on CNBC looks like crap when viewing recordings

Jeroen Brosens jeroen at fotoniq.nl
Wed Jun 29 13:56:18 UTC 2005

Enable OpenGL vsync, bob deinterlacer and Xv or XvMC output. Gone is 
your jerkiness :) The vsync btw is very important, or else the image 
will start jittering up and down a pixel, which could give you even a 
bigger headache.


David Krainess schreef:

>Hi all,
>Just an annoyance, the "scrolling text" (ESPN, News
>channels) at the bottom of some channels is mildly
>flashing/jerky on playbacks.  I think it gives me a
>Everything else on playback is perfect.
>My Setup:
>Myth 18.1 (have tweaked all playback and recording
>Nvidia FX5200 (have tweaked options to try and fix)
>Anybody else have jerkiness, or is it just me?
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