[mythtv-users] Cases for M10000

Pane, Chris cpane at vanteon.com
Wed Jun 29 12:58:22 UTC 2005

Anyone have any recommendations for cases for the VIA EPIA m10000 mboard. 


The tough thing about cases is the stores just don't stock to many of the
non standard ones so you can't go check them out !


I am specifically interested in: 


Cooling issues - (i.e. Is it ok to put the M10000 into the smallest case you
can find, or is it better to go with something with a little room) - The
only drive I am going to have in my front end is a DVD, no Hard Disk or


Any recommendations for places to buy cases, again I have been combing the
net, getting *some* good hits. But would be interested if someone knows of
any really good places to buy cases 



Thanks !


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